Thursday, March 21, 2019


Read Chapter 6 Section 1 p 158-161
Define the 2 keyterms
Answer Reading Check on page 159
Answer Review Questions 1-5 Page 161

Read Chapter 6 Section 2 p 162-167
Define the 7 keyterms
Answer Reading Checks on pages 163 and 165
Answer Review Questions 1-5 Page 167
I am in a virtual world, where everyone does their homework

Language Arts 3/21

1) Read and annotate the first section of Part 2 for tomorrow's class!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Math - A Block HW

Finish evaluating functions worksheet

Language Arts 3/20

1) Continue study the vocabulary words for part 2 of the novel.  There will be a quiz Thursday!
Fahrenheit 451 Part 2 Vocabulary

2) Begin reading Part 2. The first section is due on Friday!  Please remember to annotate!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Math - D Block HW

Big Ideas

Math - B/C Block HW

Finish Evaluating functions worksheet

Science Homework Tuesday March 19th

Make a model of a Rube Goldberg Machine that will help an elderly person complete a task they would need help with. Your machine must have at least 15 steps!
DUE TOMORROW Part A- Create a model of the machine and number each step
Part B- Below the model explain how each step works into the next
Part C- List all the materials a person would need to create such a machine